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Nickelcreek has been around since 1989, suprising everyone with their California rooted all-acoustic-all-the-time bluegrass and has ever since gained a devoted following while their sound grew more mainstream (the shock! the horror!) folk-rocky.

Now they are calling it quits, embarking on their “Farewell (For Now) Tour” which has thus far featured suprise appearance by everyone from Fionna Apple to Ben Harper. Joel was there to shoot one of their final shows EVER at 930 club and NPR was on hand to record it.
(the final show will take place on November 29th in Nashville)

Relive the fiddling magic here:

Nickel Creek_MG_8421.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9260.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9248.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9209.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9199.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9194.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9225.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9250.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9156.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9130.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9184.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9136.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9193.jpg Nickel CreekIMG_9146.jpg