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Photos by Nicholas Karlin, Words by Clarissa Villondo

It’s not every day you see that Bob Boilen of NPR’s All Songs Considered sending out Facebook invitations for a house show in Silver Spring, but this wasn’t your average house show. A normal invitation would be for the Paperhaus, The Rocketship or another house venue. Chances are there would be a coat of spilled beer from the shows prior. The same people and the same cameras would be at that show as they were at the last show (and likely the next show). There would be a 65% chance it wasn’t going to start on time. None of this is a bad thing. It’s fantastic so many house shows still happen.

But this wasn’t an average house show invitation. It came with a link to buy $15-$20 tickets on Brown Paper Tickets, in which 100% of the ticket sales went to the artists. Buying tickets was the only way to get the address to MÖW House. My Bubba, from Iceland and Sweden, was the headliner with opening performance by Marian McLaughlin. My Bubba even sent recipes from Iceland and Sweden for culturally inspired food and drinks. Bob Boilen was the lighting director. Jessica Mowery owns the MÖW House and collected the recipes. MÖW House is a collaboration between Boilen and Mowery.

My Bubba-7

Instead of standing on a still-somewhat-sticky floor on a shoot I told my significant other was a date, we were able to enjoy beautiful acoustic music while sitting on a clean floor, drinking cocktails and eating desserts made by chocolatier Katie Yen. Sometimes, a break from the average D.C.-area house show is ideal.

My Bubba explained that some of the songs were written on a train as one was actually an engineer who drove freight trains around Iceland. We posted part of their set on our Instagram because it was far too beautiful to not capture and share. All of the crowd promised to take them to the pool if they just sang to us forever until dawn. They asked if anyone spoke Icelandic, but because no one did, explained the songs to us in English anyway.

My Bubba-6My Bubba-5My Bubba-4My Bubba-3Marian McLaughlin-5Marian McLaughlin-6My Bubba-1My Bubba-3-2My Bubba-2Marian McLaughlin-4Marian McLaughlin-3Marian McLaughlin-2Marian McLaughlin-1Bob Boilen