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I’ll keep this short and sweet.
What does a perfect night of music entail?

1. An interesting, welcoming and beautiful venue- 6th and I Synagogue
2. An excited music seeking audience- Us
3. 2 Talented Solo Artists that surprised and delighted the audience- Hauschka and Tom Brosseau
4. A headline band that enchants you with their musical expertise and playful cuteness- Mum


The night started off with Hauschka ( real name Volker Bertelmann), a very tall German with a silly haircut and a friendly smile. He said he was a pianist but what he delivered was no where near what anyone expected. Whatever kind of music making machine he had, I am convinced it was magical. At one point I thought I heard a bass, a piano, a flute, drums, typewriter , tape being ripped and some bells. He excelled and set the stage for the whole night.


Next comes Tom Brosseau. A very shy looking blond. With just his guitar and crystal clear voice, he emanated powerful vocals with soft music. His haunting sound bounced off the walls of the synagogues and into our souls. He is excellent, please go see him if you get a chance. For his last song, he stood atop a piano bench, set his guitar aside and poured everything he had into our laps. It was raw, emotional and beautiful.

Hauschka Tom Brosseau

Finally, Mum time! I know we have been freaking out about this band all week. So, I will just say that what the band lost in the child like voice of Kristín Valtýsdóttir (departed band last year), they have gained in a group of extremely talented and inspiring artists to bring about a certain maturity to their sound. They are refined, focused and extremely innovative. But don’t get me wrong. They are still cute beyond belief, declaring before every song “This one is about berries” or “This one is about marmalade” and ending with a kazoo filled circus-sounding childhood fairytale. Perfection.

MumMum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum Mum

Mum Mum

all photos by the always amazing : Pat Jarrett

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