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All Photos: Franz Mahr
All Words: Brandon Weight

To all pop-punk tour marketers: advertise your show as the Sing-Along version of “X” album that came out “5/10/15” years ago that usually features the original lineup with that one guitarist that had to do “his own thing” for a while, but didn’t even command a crowd, let alone a single crowd surfer, at Warped Tour ’08, so he had to painfully re-learn the songs from “5/10/15” years ago.

150126motion city soundtrack live-006

Because, at Motion City Sountrack’s 10 year anniversary tour for “Commit This To Memory” you could see the animated ball (in this case, a Jansport black backpack?) bouncing over every syllable. Justin Pierre, lead vocalist, barely needed to sing on “LGFUAD” and “Everything is Alright,” because the crowd had memorized the pitch and cadence perfectly. Ten years of practice will do that.

150126motion city soundtrack live-017

Do we need 10 year anniversary tours though? Do we need pop punk? Is it possible for 25-year-olds to feel nostalgic about sophomore year of high school? Is it possible for the 15-year-olds in the crowd to feel nostalgic about kindergarten?

150126motion city soundtrack live-011

At least, there’s no denying that “Commit This to Memory” was a successful record. So, naturally, Motion City Soundtrack had a successful show. Even the most casual pop punk band has revisited their favorite ballad about FRIENDS from 5/10/15 years ago and screamed the lyrics to anyone within earshot. Plus, find another band at a major venue singing about two kids who made out (first base, people) and destroyed their chance at friendship.

150126motion city soundtrack live-008

There’s absolutely nothing to lose revisiting an album. You might lose $20 revisiting an album live. And, if you happen to still have one of the following from your scene years:

  • Grey Wash Levi Slim Straight Jeans
  • Unnecessary Bangs / Flippy Hair
  • Beanie
  • American Apparel Black Hoodie
  • Tote Bag
  • Fluorescent Hair Dye

you might as well enjoy the album live again.

150126motion city soundtrack live-001