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Photographs by Nicholas Karlin

Miley Cyrus performed at Echostage with Her Dead Petz (The Flaming Lips) last Friday. Dan Deacon opened and hearing him say that up next was Miley Cyrus was surreal. He tried to get his dance off started. A few people towards the back, including a giraffe, danced for half a song, but it was mostly a free-for-all to get the closest to Miley with whatever weird costume or dildo brought to the show. People made desperate attempts to get backstage with whatever they had. People were also getting kicked out by security for doing something illegal. I liked Dan Deacon’s set, but most people just wanted to see Miley. I understand.

This show was about Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, not Miley Cyrus. While the lighting was heavily focused on Miley, the music was all about her album with Her Dead Petz. She played the instrumental “Party in the U.S.A.” to walk out on stage with and performed “Love Money Party.” She ended her set with “We Can’t Stop.” That was it for the hits. It was all about Miley & Her Dead Petz. It confused many of the fans, but this wasn’t just about Miley Cyrus.


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Dan Deacon

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