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all photos: Dakota Fine

The mainstage of The Black Cat on Saturday night was not filled with your usual characters, those youngins who come to Mousetrap or the bar regulars. Rather, Saturday night brought in a different kind of crowd. The reason being Los Amigos Invisibles, the very popular pop/disco/latin funk export from Venezuela kept the entire dancefloor moving from the first rush onto the stage right to the very very end. And seriously, folks, it was like I was back at some huge Latin American club in say Caracas where the music served both as a catalyst to some serious flirting AND was the absolutely most perfect reason for one hell of a great night for dancing. It was fun! Or as we say, divertido!

Amigos_Cat-72 Amigos_Cat-39

Amigos_Cat-55 Amigos_Cat-134 Amigos_Cat-132

With an undeniably Latin/Carribean sound, often combining the tropical beats of coastal South American music and the sometimes overwrought but-I-can’t-deny-this-is-catchy pop lyrics of your typical Top 40 American band, Los Amigos Invisibles who have sort of reached a mega pop status down in the southern hemisphere still remains relatively unknown in the States. But it looked and sounded like Los Amigos were right at home, performing to a extremely full, extremely joyous, emtremely passionate group of spanish speaking fans and, might I add, some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in DC. I get the feeling, guys, that the young dudes from Los Amigos are never without company.

Amigos_Cat-69 Amigos_Cat-145 Amigos_Cat-176

Now admittedly, I don’t usually jump at the chance to see such a band perform live, because, try as I might, that certain kind of music is not something i am all that into. But the show that Los Amigos put on, cool and wild and reminescent of a Latin American soccer game in its enthusiasm and showmanship, made a fan of me. And seriously the whole time I was like, if only so-and-so were here to dance with me. I mean, I even texted Svetlana that she was missing a damn good show. We’re at Jimmy Valentine’s doing the BYT thing. Ay no mujer, baila conmigo Svetlana, baila comigo!

Now before you go looking to book Los Amigos Invisibles for your best friend’s wedding or graduation party or whatever, know that these guys are so well-known internationally and have cast such a huge net of fans, that other than the rare appearances in DC (you’ll see more of them in NYC and Miami) you’ll only find them on MTV en Espanol and the other American and international channels that are dedicated to featuring such great bands from Latin America. Basically, folks, this shit was good, real good, and next time they come, you’re coming with me, and you are going to be guaranteed a great night of dancing…you too, Svetlana!

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