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21 years ago Kurt Cobain killed himself. 21 years ago Korn released their first album. Say what you will about the five piece from Bakersville, CA but for better or worse, they inspired a generation of nu-metal bands no matter how much Tim Commerford of Rage Against The Machine says he was involved. KoЯn defined the genre and are one of the most experimental of all of the their crop.

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of their first full-length KoЯn are touring playing the record in full, plus three other hits from the more recent past. It is 2015 and KoЯn is still selling out shows. Even if it was a nostalgia trip Friday night’s Fillmore Silver Spring, KoЯn still has fans. You might never bring it up around your friends, but shit, the “Are you ready?” of “Blind” gets your blood pumping.

On a rather unadorned stage KoЯn played their entire first record save the bonus track attached to “Daddy” like pros. Props to KoЯn and their sound people as the sound was one of the best concerts I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Everything was it it’s right place to the point it felt as they were pantomiming and playing to a backing track.

You may ask yourself who is a KoЯn fan now, and I’ll tell you it isn’t just what you would immediately imagine, a fat, white person in who has issues. The crowd was diverse albeit smelling and damn do people know the words. To hear an entire club scream the word “faggot” over and over in one of the band’s most unfortunate songs is a sight to behold.

Back to the sound. KoЯn should record this tour and sell it back to their fans because the first KoЯn record sounds thin as shit. The production, compared to later records, is not as full, and this tour is correcting it. Everything had bite, from Fieldy’s bass to Davis’s howls. It is a shame David Silveria didn’t rejoin the group for this tour, but fuck, not everyone is dedicated like Wes Borland.

One day bands will stop playing full albums on tour. It is nice to see Korn jump on the bandwagon because shit, milk your fame for whatever it is worth, and make that paper.

Feature photo by Jason Dixson from a 2013 Korn at Fillmore Silver Spring concert.