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all words: Libby
all photos: Mike Danko and Bradley Portnoy

Kia kicked off the DC leg of the Soul Collective Tour on Thursday with Dave Nada and Ponytail (don’t worry, we were there to take photos of every single night so, keep your eyes peeled for Wale, Dan Deacon and inevitable MGMT madness-ed).

Every member of Ponytail has some sort of mystical quality. The drummer, can move mountains and boulders with the force of his drumstick, the guitarists can charm snakes with their climbing scales, and the lead singer- well she is the queen of the elf kingdom.

The last time I saw Ponytail was at Goldleaf- so to see them at this warehouse amidst a GIANT production was surreal.

Yet they clucked, chanted, cooed, and cawed their way through an empty warehouse- Molly’s bat-out-of-hell cartoon polyester t shirt and onstage seizures managed to draw the crowd close, away from the giant lazer-eyed robots and back-lit fleet of KIAs.

first up, some snaps by Bradley:

Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-161Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-130 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-123 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-72Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-49 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-43 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-60Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-14 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-13 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-3Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-4 Ponytail at Kia's Corporate Whore Warehouse-22

and some by MIKE DANKO:

234_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09235_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 236_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 233_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09232_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09231_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 230_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 225_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09224_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 222_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 223_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09221_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09220_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 219_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 214_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 213_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09 212_kiasoulcollective-day01_dank09