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Some nights you just need rock and roll, I think cold nights are just those nights. Nights when bone chilling is the only way to describe DC weather, and people are smoking their breath not newly legalized reefer.

I got to The Hamilton just after doors opened to find a moderate sized crowd shuffling into the downstairs of the venue, where artists come to play to crowds that dine on truly delicious food (seriously, eat at this place if you haven’t), and throw back just as enjoyable drinks. I was surprised to see every age group imaginable represented, from every walk of life, to see JD McPherson. For some reason his bios in Rolling Stone and broken arrow branded vibes have me imagining late twenty-something gentlemen covered in tattoos with beards, drinking whiskey. Regardless of my expectations of the patrons, the music and the venue came together perfectly, to quite simply create a fun night of dancing, drinking and good eats.

The opener, Dylan Pratt, reminded me of my middle school crush who rode a skateboard and played guitar. He has the type of adorable handsomeness girls fall all over. Apart from having obviously grown into a heartthrob, he played guitar with the grace and skill of John Fahey.  Pratt’s songs were soothing and endearing, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere welcoming JD McPherson and his band to the stage.

A roaring invitation from the crowd welcomed McPherson to a dimly lit stage. When it’s this cold outside it makes you feel better to get on your feet and be a little bit bossy.  JD McPherson stole my heart a couple of years ago. He has the perfect retro rock n’ roll sound and the denim American made blues jeans to match. When you hear his music you wonder if you should be sitting in a soda shop on Route 66 in Oklahoma.  It’s an amazingly smooth mix of R&B, rock, and 1950’s American popular culture sound.

JD McPherson


Dylan Pratt