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Searing vocals rip through the basement level of the Songbyrd Music House as Asheville, North Carolina-based band Indigo De Souza takes the stage. Donning a bright green t-shirt decorated with cartoon horses, front-woman Indigo seems approachable, comfortable, and somehow familiar, like an old friend. Her desire to connect with her audience is imminent immediately as she smiles softly into the crowd at her sold out show.

The band, fronted by Indigo as lead singer and guitarist, and backed by Owen Stone (bass), Ethan Baechtold (guitar), and Jake Lenderman (drums) shares a relationship with each other that emanates onstage. The band, rather than playing out into the audience, plays for each other, clearly enjoying every second of performance. There is no need to impress, it’s obvious they’re in it for the fun, and their peppy, happy-go-lucky attitudes are contagious.


Jake Lenderman, Indigo De Souza drummer and lead singer for Indigo’s opener, MJ Lenderman.

The band doesn’t seem like any other. Jake Lenderman’s facial expressions during his slightly awkward drumming can only be described as wacky. The dynamic the band has with the exquisite, seemingly spotless De Souza shouldn’t work, and yet, it does.

“I’m not even from here,” Indigo laughs as she begins her set. Although new to the DC scene, Indigo performs with a confidence only learned through years of training. Indigo first began writing music when she was 9 years old and quickly began performing, with her first show at age 11.

Her songs embody the nostalgia of growing up, covering topics from heartbreak to depression with an effortless charm. With witty lyrics like “If you ghost me again, these tits will ghost on you forever” and “I love my mom more than any of you fools”, it’s impossible not to relate to her energetic personality.

Interpersonal relationships are complicated, and De Souza’s music reflects struggles faced by everyone. In the band’s first full album, I Love My Mom, recorded by Colin Miller in 2018, De Souza provides solidarity in heartache and joy, allowing for listeners to relate and grow alongside her. Her voice is shrill and honest, captivating the crowded Music House and bringing the crowd to silence after she sings her most popular song, “How I Get Myself Killed.

De Souza shifts between her iconic triangular electric guitar and a synthesizer for her live performance.

In early 2019, Audiotree Live described the 22 year old as a, “punky indie pop songwriter whose eloquent, passionate persona sits at the forefront of her snarky tunes. She transfixes you with unabashed, meaningful stories put to effortlessly catchy hooks and explosive instrumentation.” Indigo comes through, and the audience loves her for it. She’s real, and she’s unafraid.