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Photos & Words By Clarissa Villondo

When A Place in Time’s Duo Glover invited me to this show, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than another show with five thousand great local punk bands playing short sets and dog food and cat nip for the DC Humane Society everywhere. Well, I forgot to take into consideration this was a Halloween punk fest at essentially a dive bar.

Go Home Freshmen didn’t disappoint with their My Chemical Romance outfits, make up and all, and by bringing the crowd back to 2005 by covering My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not Okay” and Taking Back Sunday’s “You’re So Last Summer.”

Go Home Freshmen

Centerfield changed things up, pretending to be a country band in between their punk songs.


The Parsecs featured one of my favorite costumes of the night – a “pretty princess” in a French maid costume with a ridiculous beard and make up.

The Parsecs

BraceFace had Robin and apparently Peter Parker (he looked more like Jerry Seinfeld) as their drummer before it got too hot.


Toy Store Riot were dressed as Pussy Riot for a few good minutes with Robin (David Delarosa of BraceFace) to play during the last song.

Toy Store Riot

Last but not least, A Place In Time all dressed as I’m not entirely sure what while filming their new music video and playing a song that they claim they don’t like playing.

A Place in Time

That new video for A Place In Time definitely has enough shots of the mosh pit with everyone in some sort of costume. I mean, I saw Reptar in the pit at one point.

Crowd - Reptar?

A Place In Time

A Place in TimeA Place in TimeA Place in TimeA Place in TimeA Place in TimeA Place in Time

Toy Story Riot

David Delarosa (BraceFace) during TSRToy Store Riot



The Parsecs

The ParsecsThe ParsecsThe Parsecs

Go Home Freshmen

Go Home FreshmenGo Home FreshmenGo Home Freshmen