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Photos By Clarissa Villondo, Words By Alana Wise

Gary Clark Jr., in a two-night engagement at the 9:30 club, has taken the immense task of bringing a modern edge to classic blues on his shoulders. If his performances are any indication, he isn’t having any problems managing the weight.

Gary Clark Jr. has been on my radar ever since I first heard him on a Jack Daniels commercial a few years ago. Any man that’s about his guitar and about his whiskey is a man after my own heart, so when he announced his pre- Kings of Leon tour tour, I knew I had to be there.

Tuesday evening, I had the great pleasure of having my face melted by his first 9:30 Club performance. Of all the shows I’ve ever seen, Gary’s (yes, we’re on a first name basis; no don’t ask him about it) was one of the most honest. Every pick of the guitar, every gut-born note felt like a bit of truth in an field where the truth seems to become more and more scarce with each passing fad.

Gary Clark Jr

Gary Clark Jr. is flawless.

If there were any mistakes made in the 2+ hour show, I was completely oblivious to them all. The scruffily-soulful indie-blues-rock fabric of his notes encased the entire crowd in an air of awe as he played his set. The intimate and warming nature of the 9:30 Club coupled with the sexy smooth heat of his sound warmed us all to our bones. He made the entire trek through freezing temperatures worth it.

Gary Clark Jr

I say again, Gary Clark Jr is flawless.

If anybody can handle the pressure of playing two nights at the same venue, it is Gary Clark Jr. and I would kill to sit through the same set all over again. Gary, you flawless axe-machine, keep aiming for those bright lights.

Gary Clark JrGary Clark JrGary Clark JrGary Clark Jr

Alice Smith

Alice SmithAlice SmithAlice SmithAlice SmithAlice SmithAlice SmithAlice Smith

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