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By Sloane Tucker

It might or might not be true that I’ve overused the term “heavenly experience,” or something along those lines. The term might be weakened now. But please believe me when I say that FKA twigs first D.C. show was, in fact, a heavenly experience, and she was the angel.


The most perfect of circumstances would be being above 6’7” or in the front of the balcony section of the 9:30 Club, thus avoiding the sea of blinding cell phone video recording and the other tall people. This way, you could perfectly absorb every belly-dancing, pop-and-lock, and straight up sexy move she made during and between lyrics. In all honesty, the concentration of cell phones (and one tablet) stuck in the fog and lights gets under your skin after a while. On the other hand, it’s FKA twigs. The woman’s voice is angelic and smooth as silk. There was a girl next to me that couldn’t be more than five feet tall. Despite that, she failed to quit dancing with a drink in hand. If she had a good time despite the hiccup, everyone else had to.


Most of Twig’s songs started with a semi-lengthy instrumental intro, during which she danced and twirled across the stage back and forth, letting the bass and the beat seep into the atmosphere, and warming up the crowd for when she took the mic. When she started singing, crowds couldn’t help but dance, sing, bump, or whatever else got the momentum flowing on the floor. FKA twigs has a slower and smoother vibe combined with electronica, but don’t think for a second that made it boring.


For a Thursday night way past my bedtime, FKA twigs was worth the night out in Washington, D.C., including the line to get in stretching halfway around the city block on a 40 degree night, no less. The crowd was extremely grateful she made it out to the Nation’s Capital for the first time to start her tour. Shout out to twigs for taking a break from Google Glass films to grace the 9:30 Club with her presence.