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all photos: Priscilla Ledesma
all words: Robb Scott

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, the dynamite MC Dominique Young Unique made her presence known Tuesday night at DC9. Mixing a bratty attitude, reminiscent of acts like Kid Sister and Lil’Mama, with the rough beats of dub step and house to create what can only be described as music to ‘werq’ to. Or if that’s not your style, please make room on the dance floor.


Opening the show was DC native Sm City who brought along a live band and an entourage of fellow MCs and vocalists to help set the tone. Despite a thin audience, Sm City and his crew committed 100 percent to putting on a show; impromptu jam session and all.


Next on deck was another local artist, Ardamus–bringing a humor to his set that was very much needed. Proving he’s an artist that doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, he too invited various MCs he’s collaborated with over time. With so many people coming and going from the stage, keeping up with who’s who became quite the challenge.


The show really got underway, however, when Dominique took the stage. Stepping out strong, dropping bar after bar of lyrical fire. With tracks like ‘Show My Ass’ and ‘Hot Girl’, Dominique establishes herself as a strong, budding female voice. Girlfriend doesn’t rap about being someone’s sidekick or arm candy, she stands out as a diva not to be crossed.


Despite only being 18 years old, the girl can most definitely command attention. The crowd seemed genuinely into Dominique as she pumped, stomped, and gyrated around the stage. I went in thinking her age would somehow show in her stage presence, but she proved me very wrong.


Disappointing though was the turn-out for the show; a high energy act like Dominique Young Unique requires a lot of crowd participation, and with a set not lasting more than half an hour or so, the Tampa lady left much to be desired. Miss Unique is indeed what her name claims her to be, and I’m sure everyone in attendance is now looking to see where she takes this thing called a career. Be sure to download her mix tape, Domination, available for free on the artist’s myspace: www.myspace.com/dominiqueyoungunique

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