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Courtney Barnett, the head full of hair, slacker, storying-telling Aussie graced the sold out DC9 crowd with songs from her debut album “The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas.” Her cute Australian accent, sometimes facetious lyrics and shredding ability are among her undeniable traits. Barnett’s DC stop was her third stop in America, ever.


She’s making her presence known, selling out her dates in DC, Philly and NYC, for starters. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has garnered attention for her single “Avant Gardener”, a story of her Australian heatwave anaphylaxis day.  “The paramedic thinks I’m clever cause I play guitar, I think she’s clever cause she stops people dying.”


Courtney had a setlist of 9 songs, which wasn’t enough for the crowd. She left the stage after finishing fan favorite “History Eraser.” The crowd wouldn’t stop clapping and shouting until she took the stage again. It was a REAL encore call. The band was done but the crowd wasn’t.


I had the chance to sit in on her NPR Tiny Desk Concert earlier in the morning. If Bob Boilen invites an artist in for a Tiny Desk Concert, it’s usually because the artist is about to blow up. This chick has it all; the talent, looks and a band to back her up. She’s like a better, more interesting Lucinda Williams, with her effortless, soothing voice. Everyone in DC9 was grateful to experience Courtney Barnett in such a small venue, knowing her undeniable talent would make way to bigger stages.