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The initial excitement upon arriving to the 930 club for Carbon/Silicon Sunday night centered around the paramedics attention for a man who had passed out in the crowd apparently during the opening act. I wouldn’t know because there were problems with my media pass for god-knows-what-reason. After a little persistence though, and a congratulatory bestowal of “great hero” from Svetlana, I was in. Carbon/Silicon although a four-piece band, is primarily a duo comprised of two punk rock legends, Mick Jones of The Clash and Tony James of Generation X. These guys have been around the block a few times I think it’s fair to say, and besides wrinkles on their faces, they also have suits and ties to wear while playing shows, these are the things they seem to have accumulated with age. But despite the onset of elerlyness these British rawk gods continue to thrill crowds the world over, Sunday night was no different.

See Dakota’s complete set from Carbon/Silicon here.

08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-2.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-1.jpg



08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-57.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-50.jpg

08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-58.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-29.jpg

08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-12.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-5.jpg



08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-14.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-31.jpg

08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-63.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-3.jpg

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08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-24.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-26.jpg




After the show, I was standing outside th 930 Club and one of the management dudes comes out and is like, “anybody wanna go meet the guys backstage?” To which, I wasn’t going to say no. So we waited in line, and sure enough, we got backstage to a room full of assorted raw vegetables and dips, as well as Tony James, although no Mick Jones. Autograph signing and fraternizing with rockstars ensued.

08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-40.jpg 08_4.06_CarbonSilicon@930-42.jpg