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All Things Go and Neon Gold Records teamed up again for a night of thumpin’ good times at U Street Music Hall. The night’s killer line-up speaks totally for itself.  Let me break it down for you…

Walking down into the depths of U Hall, the first thing I heard was a driving, energetic poppy beat coming from the stage. This unknown band had me back up in a great mood instantaneously, and while they were a new one for me, their sound is infectious and makes you feel like each song is your new favorite. Polarsets is a trio from across the pond that combines a trance-y electronic sound (fitting the vibe for U Hall) with indie britpop sensibilities. These guys hail from Newcastle and brought their unique musical vision over to the states for the VERY FIRST TIME. I found their charming combination of Eurobeats and feel-good indie jams impossible to resist. Get a taste of Polarsets with the video for their single “Morning”.

While most attendees seemed to also be new to the band, they also had a few enthusiastic fans who jumped around in front with their arms over their heads. You simply can’t resist those joyous grooves with those pulsing beats and anthemic hooks. Even while waiting for our tofu pho dog I found myself standing on tiptoes to see the band and bobbing along. I whole-heartedly recommend “Leave Argentina” as a solid choice for dancing around your room.

After a short break where half the club went either to the bathroom or outside to smoke cigarettes, indie darlings Body Language came on.  You can already tell this is a glowing review but I can honestly say that these Brooklynites killed it! You may already be familiar with the indie electropop stylings of Body Language. But if not, you can get the general idea of their suave tropically-inspired rhythm from the song “Social Studies”. The band is three dudes and one dudette that proudly come from Brooklyn (who doesn’t these days?) and basically embody a shimmy-ing machine.

Body Language combines murmuring synths with a steady bass line to make you feel sexy no matter what the tempo. I was impressed by their magnetic stage presence; a unique talent from a group that gained notoriety with their remixes (many of which can be heard here). Make your heart swell with the video for “You Can”.

The headlining DJ of the evening was the often imitated, never duplicated The Hood Internet. These talented DJs have been my go-to beer pong soundtrack for quite a while now, as they know how to appeal to a bevy of music tastes. The best part about their music is that it is ALL AVAILABLE FOR FREE. All you have to do is go to their website and over a dozen mixtapes are at your fingertips to download. The Hood Internet are genre-defying mashup artists and can mix up samples with inherently styles, beats, and influences. Can you imagine Broken Social Scene with Twista or Modest Mouse with Kanye West? Its hard to figure out how they do it until you hear them do it.

The Hood Internet is the moniker for Chicago-based duo DJ STV SLV and abx. These fellas know their way around the hip hop world and the ubiquitous indie genre. They even have a mixtape that features Metric’s “Fantasties” LP with Maximum Balloon, Treasure Fingers, Aesop Rock (FELT), L.A. Riot Music (Josh The Goon & Speakerbomb) and Kanye West & Symbolyc One. My personal favorite mashups are the aptly named “Thrillwave” mixes which combine hip hop with chillwave hits. The Hood Internet can also bring it back to basics with masterful remixes of just one song at a time. Check out their remix of “Pumped Up Kicks”. The Hood Internet prove themselves to be festival favorites, so seeing them up close and personal was a real treat/dancefest. Whichever way they work, it works.