Live DC: Antibalas, Funk Ark @ Black Cat
BYT at large | Oct 8, 2013 | 12:30PM |

Words And Photos By Andy DelGiudice

Dispense with the leaders and promote the jesters. Use Antibalas to solve America’s ills.

Antibalas 15
It seems like everyone has $0.02 to add to the government shutdown conversation, so here are mine: lock all members of Congress into the National Cafeteria, throw some red gels on a couple spot lights, and make them party together during a typical Antibalas performance. The Funk Ark, native of the DC area, can work the aisles and provide additional brass funk laden support throughout the periphery of the crowd, and the whole of Congress can turn their dysfunctional sandbox into a sweaty, stomping, yelling, dancing, soul rejuvenating mess.

Antibalas 7

Antibalas had this same effect on the crowd at Black Cat on Thursday night and I have a sneaking suspicion that the elected lawyers would for once come to some agreeable conclusions about life and happiness as well.

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Funk Ark

FunkArk 4FunkArk 2FunkArk 3FunkArk 1