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Words By Leon Hontz, Words By Miranda Hontz

I’m looking at my notes, reading things like “less talking, more titties” and “consolation chicken leg” and imagining what my parents would think if I disappeared Friday night and they were trying to put together the last moments of my life. Whatever hypothetical scenario they dreamed up would be less wild than what the crowd experienced at Black Cat. Al Night Long: A Burlesque Tribute to Weird Al Yankovic was an incredible performance full of beautiful women, top of the line pop-parody music, and a raffle.


Each act featured a skillful blend of humor and showmanship akin to the man the performance was paying tribute. The producers of the show, GiGi Holiday and Cherie Sweetbottom, performed alongside Valeria Vox and Poppy La Rouge as well as D.C.s longest continuously running Drag-King troop, the DC Kings. The host, Mindi Mimosa kept the audience laughing and taught me lessons such as you don’t need sparkles to be fabulous (thanks Mindi). Finally, Aurora Wells (credited as Stage-kitten) did an excellent job of helping on stage and using her bosom as an impromptu raffle-ticket measuring device.


Some highlights were GiGi Holiday’s massively energetic performance to a polka-medley, Cherie Sweetbottom’s stunning transformation from panda bear to a dominatrix cop to a sexy jailbird, and watching Valeria Vox simulate jerking off with/on a Hawaiian shirt before pulling everything from razor blades to leeches out of her panties. The DC Kings put on an amazing performance for the Weird Al classic “Eat It,” but while the song kept suggesting things like raisin bran to eat, the dancers seemed to suggesting dining on something else (maybe the tuna casserole Weird Al mentions). I also loved Poppy La Rouge’s ability to make even a giant sandwich costume sexy, not to mention her captivating aluminum foil outfit that she tore out of to reveal eyeball nipple pasties. There was also a trivia contest, a banana eating contest, a capella performances of RUN-DMC, and a raffle with prizes such as stockings and consolation chicken (sadly no eyeball nipple pasties)…Did I mention it was a good time?