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Action Bronson absolutely slayed for a full, lively crowd at The Howard Theatre. Bronson, know for his bravura and general unfuckwitableness, usually moseys onto the stage toking on his G-Pen, rocking a Champion sweatshirt and sweatshorts, not giving a fuck. He typically gets through his sets in the most ADHD way, spitting a verse and then turning around to his DJ, Tommy Mas, and asking for the next track.


This set was unlike any Action Bronson set I’ve seen. Bronson’s Blue Chips 2 set was well organized, polished and thought out. He stuck to the setlist and performed a set, as opposed to a bunch of jumbled verses. Bronson was never lacking talent or stage presence but his Howard Theatre performance showed his progression from the Dr. Lector days.


Mr. Baklava’s encyclopedic knowledge of obscure sports figures, extraordinary beats and originality within his boasting resembles the grandeur of receiving an oldfashioned while eating Chipotle, and I mean that in the best way possible. Or close your eyes and imagine taking your leather pants off, licking your lips as a Mario Batali-looking dude slam-dunks a Maine lobster, potato gnocchi, chanterelles, red wine sughetto, burgundy black truffles and a joint in your mouth. That’s Blue Chips 2. Between throwing out G-Pens in the crowd and rapping from the balcony, Bronson’s Howard Theater performance was one for the record books.

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