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Photos By Peter Nguyen, Words By Shelly Bell

A$AP Ferg turned upscale Howard Theatre into a mosh pit of raging A$AP Mob fans.


A$AP Ferg took the stage about an hour after expected with red lights glowing over ski masked members of the A$AP Mob. This was enough to have the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs. I’ve covered lots of hip-hop shows from old school to new and this was the closest I’ve seen a new school group get to the hype of M.O.P. From the moment A$AP Ferg stepped on stage his energy was on 10.


The A$AP Mob including A$AP Ant and A$AP Nasty were given their moments to shine performing tracks from the A$AP Mob’s mixtape “Lords Never Worry” including “Coke and White Bitches.”


The A$AP Mob considers themselves “trap music” which is a title birthed from southern rappers and is related to being in the “trap” or place where drug deals are made. A$AP Ferg did not come from “the trap” nor was his life even remotely related to anyone who did. His dad owned a boutique and printed clothing for popular 90‘s Hip-Hop artists. Ferg went to art school and started out attempting to find success following his father’s footsteps. He happened to be classmates with A$AP Rocky who saw talent in him and decided to groom this A$AP Mob idea.


It seems that there are more rappers who consider themselves to speak “trap” language, but do not have “trap” experiences. Ferg explained from the stage that they call themselves “Trap Lords” because of their level of hustle. He then mentioned turning the floor into a mosh pit, spat water into the crowd and dove into the crowd.


Trap concerts are nearly interchangeable with heavy metal concerts. The mosh pit, the spiting, has not been the average experience at hip-hop concerts.


There is nothing complicated or intriguing about A$AP Mob’s writing or performance. He ended the show performing his most popular hit “Shabba Ranks.” I would dare say that most people in that room couldn’t point out Shabba Ranks in a lineup, but find the vibrancy entertaining.


Ferg orchestrated his own encore by closing the show, waiting a second for people to head to the door, then starting up the show again. He performed a few minutes of “Hood Pope,” then dropped “Shabba Ranks” one last time before exiting.


If planning to attend an A$AP Ferg show in the future remember: 1. You will be spat on or doused with water. Dress appropriately. 2. Be prepared to jump, push, scream, and release. 3. Don’t walk out as soon as the show is over. A$AP Ferg has extra love to give who he considers his “trill fans.”