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I am a very picky fast casual diner. I do not like Skewers. I do not like Buredo. I do not like the Little Beet. But I really, really love Little Sesame. Their hummus is the best I have ever eaten. It is so rich and so creamy, I literally can’t get enough of it. So you can imagine my disappointment when the Little Sesame in Dupont Circle closed, and my delight when several months later when they re-opened. The new spot is brighter, airier, and has more seating. What hasn’t changed? Their hummus. All of this is a good thing.


The menu at the new venue features the famous Little Sesame hummus bowls, including staples like the cauliflower bowl and the “classic” bowl with whole roasted chickpeas and herbs, as well as seasonal bowls. Right now, they’re offering a tomato bowl that features roasted and fresh tomato nestled in a bed of fluffy, silky hummus, topped with a swirl of olive oil and thyme tahini and embellished with crunchy pine nuts. I want to eat this bowl every day for lunch. I love the summer corn bowl almost as much; it has a marvelous sweet-salty-spicy contrast thing going on with the heaps of corn kernels, salt roasted onions and pickled fresno chilies.


If bowls aren’t your jam, try the pita sandwiches jam packed with hummus and veggies. Also new to the menu are a series of sides. Right now you can choose from items like a sweet watermelon fattoush, smashed cucumbers and turmeric pickles.

I am especially excited about the addition of a dessert option: vegan soft serve, available in vanilla tahini or dark chocolate coffee. It’s kind of like the hummus: unexpectedly divine, and surprisingly satisfying.


Little Sesame is now open for lunch on weekdays only, and I highly recommend coming as early as you can. By noon, there is a line out the door. They will be offering delivery / online ordering soon. They will also start hosting occasional tasting menu dinners again, but no word on when the next one will be. The team hopes to open more locations around the city eventually, which is music to my ears.

Little Sesame is located at 1828 L Street NW. They are open Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.