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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date? We’ve got you covered with Strathmore presents live music from Yasmin Levy on February 14th! (Tickets are still available for the show here -Ed.) It’s going to be an extraordinary evening of music from around the world! Yasmin Levy blends the purity of Ladino-the Judeo-Spanish music of Spain-with the fiery heart of flamenco, using “every colour and pitch in her remarkable range…the resulting vocal pyrotechnics are unforgettable” (Songlines). Sharing the stage with this extraordinary performer is the legendary Turkish artist Omar Faruk Tekbilek, whose music promotes peace and unity in diversity! Sounds perfect if you ask me. BONUS: Make the Night Extra Special! Enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Dinner in the Mansion at Strathmore beforehand!  See the menu and make reservations here!

Just in time for this gorgeous concert, we asked Yasmin, in her own words, to tell us about a few songs on her newest album.  Have a listen (and a read): Yasmin Levy by shauna-b-alexander

El Amor Contigo

This song was born in France, through an experience I had doing an interview with a local journalist. I must say that my producer Javier Limon was the only person who believed in this song, and I am so grateful for what he created with it. I hope others will love this song as much as I do.


When I first heard this beautiful song, I understood it comes from a completely different world of music than my own and had to think of a way in which I could bring it into my own style.  In the end all I had to do was to open my heart, and when I did a whole new world opened before me.

Una Pastora

This is one of the most beautiful songs my father ever recorded. It was the most exciting experience to imagine singing with my Dad; but also the most frightening one.  He passed away when I was only 1 year old.  His singing is something holy for me and I was afraid to touch it.  I also wondered long and hard if he would be happy with me doing this, until I realised that it was my own fears I needed to overcome.


I wanted to write a song that could serve as a bit of a wake-up call; a song that might encourage us all to reflect on ourselves and how we act towards others each; a song that will help us remember to try to be better people, to help each other, to bring good to the world and to avoid inflicting hurt and pain on others. For many years, I dreamt of the opportunity to sing with Eleni Vitaly, an amazing singer from Greece who influenced my own singing. I am happy to have found in her a kindred spirit.