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I first heard of the Baltimore duo Wye Oak when they were in town opening for the Dirty Projectors.  While I didn’t get a chance to see the show, I made a point to check them out, figuring a band good enough to open for Dirty Projectors must be pretty great.  And right I was!  “The Knot” was one of my favorite albums in 2009, and the pair’s recent EP, “My Neighbor/My Creator” is just as great–full of dreamy garage rock, like a more rockin’ version of their Baltimore neighbors Beach House.  Vocalist/guitarist Jenn Wasner gave us some insight into a few of the songs from the new EP.  Check the band out tonight with Lou Barlow at Rock n’ Roll Hotel!!

My Neighbor
This song is half of the title track from our new EP, “My Neighbor/My Creator.”  Here in baltimore, Andy’s neighbors are his brother and sister in law. This song is not about them at all. But let me take this opportunity to thank them for letting us practice in his house, because we are really pretty loud.

My brain has a hard time looking too far backwards, so here is yet another track from the EP. I wrote this song very quickly and carelessly, soon after we released our last full-length record. I think I was so exhausted by the record-making process that I just wanted to throw up my hands and write a pop song. It was such a relief to remember how to write songs for the sheer joy of it. The chorus quite literally means nothing, I just liked the vowel sounds. Real talk.

I Hope You Die
This isn’t the first of our songs I’ve written on piano, but it’s definitely the first that I didn’t attempt to re-arrange into a guitar-based song. We had a really great time indulging our synth fantasies, in particular those swirly synths and the 808- style kick. Fun…and we learned a lot.

Want more: Buy tickets for tonight’s show HERE. Check out more of Wye Oak HERE.