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by Wes

There are line ups that cram so much good shit into three hours it basically defies the laws of time and space and acoustics or something. This is one of those line ups! U Hall is hosting Wolf Gang, The Royal Concept, & Atlas Genius – plan to challenge the very fabric of the musical universe Saturday October 27th. Get to know each band a little better and check out BYT’s favorite videos & tracks. (free download included). Although the show is SOLD OUT, just take this time to educate yo’self next time any of these bands are in town.

Wolf Gang is Brooklynite who found a home in London. Those Brits love a sly lyric & electro hook like no other nationality on the planet. We maybe the world police, but they are the taste makers. He is back in the US, fresh off a tour with Coldplay to show us what we have been missing here at home.

  • “The King and All of His Men”

  • “Lions In Cages”

The Royal Concept are a pop band blessed with the good fortune of being Swedish – they make brilliant pop, it’s in the DNA right next to the blonde hair, just ask your local geneticist – and being the touring band for pop goddess Robyn. Pop hooks that could kill and smoldering sex appeal.

  • “Gimme Twice”

  • “Goldrushed”


The Aussies keep pushing out some of the most addictive indie pop the world has the joy of listening to these days, Sweden/Denmark you’re on notice. Atlas Genius is no exception. The group is made of three brothers from the southern Australian city of Adelaide, most known for it’s shark population and copious amounts of wine, but that may soon be changing because of Atlas Genius.

  • “Trojans”

  • “Back Seat”