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Wild Beasts captured the hearts of indie rockers everywhere with their captivating sophomore album Two Dancers, released in 2009 on Domino.  The hypnotic beats and coruscating guitar work cause immediate “holy jesus this is good” reactions, and then when lead singer Hayden Thorpe drops in with his distinctive countertenor voice the world melts away and the wild beast tears your ass to shreds.  The UK four piece + new touring member Katie Harkin from Sky Larkin will be headlining the 9:30 Club this Saturday in support of album #3, Smother, out now.  We got the band to give us the skinny on three of the new tracks.

Wild Beasts
w/ Milagres
SAT 7/16
8pm Doors
$20.00 Buy Tix

Bed of Nails –

One of the first we wrote, in a demo session that predated the album by about 8 months. Almost all of the sounds on this track are so-called “real” instruments, treated and filtered to sound unfamiliar. This is a playful song, and if I may, a bit of a disco banger, or at least as close to one as we dared. Frankenstein, Hamlet, Hamburg. Also worth mentioning that the synth used on this track was then to die immediately after, and this is its only legacy.

Loop the Loop –

Us sort of putting into practice all the things we learned from making the other two records. Most of the tracks were pieced together gradually, this one was written in the Nashville style, all of us in a room together, listening to each other in real time, led by Hayden’s guitar line. Lexxx did a wonderful post-production job on this, making our voices into insect choirs and the like. The keyboard is a £50 schoolroom Yamaha.

Albatross –

Initially Hayden’s laptop piece, this was a really early signpost to what the album was going to be, all synthetic bass and cave reverbs. We added a crappy xylophone and every bass instrument we could find. This was always supposed to be the first single, we think it’s a calling card of the album. We are of course aware of the other “Albatross” in pop music, but this is now the real one.