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VERONICA FALLS are playing BLACK CAT tonight. Here are (just some of) the reasons why you should be excited/want to go:

  • they’re pretty adorable
  • it’s  bare-knuckle wallop of reverb-drenched ramshackle DIY pop, Glaswegian style! – and I mean, who doesn’t love that?
  • to quote Pitchfork: There’s a clarity of texture– a specificity even– to every element of the band’s sound. Which makes it something of an anomaly: shoegaze that looks you square in the eye
  • to quote Rick Taylor: Veronica Falls are the real deal: they’ve got terrific DIY pop songwriting chops, splendid vocal harmonies, witty and intelligent lyrics, and an undercurrent of moodiness.

And now, to stop quoting and let them speak for themselves: in their own words, a couple highlights from their very excellent self-titled debut, out now on SLUMBERLAND (naturally).

‘Come On Over’ is about convincing yourself you’re in love just because it’s the wintertime and the nights are drawing in. It’s about accidently having being with someone until summer comes around and everything makes sense again.

“Beachy head” is a dramatic section of the eastbourne coastline in England and the song is inspired by a visit there. It is meant almost as a lettter of condolence or homage to a place who’s beauty has been marked by such tragedy through the years. It is hard to experience the place without feeling sadness.