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all photos: Mike Danko

In case you missed the release of TYPEFIGHTER‘s “FALL WINTER FALL” 6 tracker a little while back @ Red Palace – we urge you to check it out: their rambling six person sound has matured nicely into a tight yet sprawling, banjo driven emo folk… below, some standout tracks:

#2 – Ears & Eyes
This is one of my favorites. Apparently I have been listening to alot of 90’s pop-rock, because it is obviously influenced by it. As with most of my songs, it’s about a girl. Specifically the relationship I was so unhappy with but stayed in by force of habit. The lyrics are kind of a bummer but the music is pretty happy and upbeat. It’s half sad and half ‘fuck yea’. Which is what I was going for, I guess.

#3 – Eggs
This song better be happy it made the record. As we started recording it, Will and I stopped and just about scrapped it. We thought it was too cheesy (because it is). But we bit our tongues and preceded anyway. I’m glad we did, as this one has become my 2nd favorite on the record. Oh, and it’s also about a girl (if you couldn’t guess).

#4 -Nimbus Cloud
As much as I was convinced that this one is about a girl and the ultimate demise of our relationship, I have slowly realized that its also (and probably mostly) about getting drunk to try and deal with it. I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it (because I was probably drunk) but it makes more sense everytime I think about it. ‘So now I’m soaked through my coat, I’m in the pouring rain. I’m moving forth, heading north and now I’m coming your way…’ means I’m wasted and I’m coming over. I’m an obnoxious drunk.

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