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Could The Sweater Set be D.C.’s most endearing duo? It’s entirely possible.

We know this because when we saw them last year at Rock and Roll Hotel, the attraction was intant and inescapable. “Each song featured folksy little harmonies sung by the two former choirgirls. Silly, fun, and super-sweet, this is about as earnest as contemporary music gets.”

With a brand new album and some impressive musicality, Maureen Andary and and Sara Curtin pick up a startling array of instruments in their live show, from banjo to accordion to flute to kazoo to glockenspiel to guitar to, well, you get the picture. We can’t wait to host them at our very own event this Saturday. Come PRANCIN’: A Derby Day Event, we’ll be celebrating the Derby with two of the District’s most enchanting.

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Needless to say, we think they’re adorable. They’ve got tight harmonies and an incredible folksy vibe that–somehow–can be hard to find in the District and, when stumbled upon, fills that springy daytime niche your music collection’s been missing. Take a listen (and look) and get pumped:

  • “Bathwater”
    In what could be their most lackadaisical tune, the pair brings an accordion and some solid strumming to the sound of their delightfully chirping and soaring vocals. Prepare to fall in love:

  • “Call Me Maybe” Cover
    We know, we know, you swore you’d never hear this song after 500 plays but this cover is too adorable. The cuteness factor here is off the charts.
  • “Ate It All” 
    Soft, sticky sweet and dripping, this track is exactly the perfect tune for relaxing and tuning out the world on a hot day.