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Teen Girl Scientist Monthly are EASILY one of our favorite NYC-based outfits, and they’ve got a brand new album coming out NEXT TUESDAY 7/14, as well as a show at Cameo Gallery on 7/18. Because we pretty much couldn’t wait ANY LONGER for these exciting developments, we asked the band to tide us over with a little listening party and THEY OBLIGED! Below you’ll find four rad tracks (some off the new record!!!) for your listening pleasure, so check ’em out, pre-order Hyper Trophy HERE, grab tickets to the show next Saturday, and be sure to follow Teen Girl Scientist Monthly on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. HERE WE GO:

Full Band Color by Emily ffCheng

1.  Dark Rip

Dark Rip was one of the first songs written for HYPER TROPHY and it’s a good opening statement for the album.  The record has a lot of songs about asking questions that you might usually avoid – the hard, dark stuff – in order to see life for what it is and hopefully more fully live it.  We keep finding that accepting and questioning stuff actually gives you a better view of how lucky you are, and how short the time is to live the life you want to.  So Berger was already sort of struggling with this song about a family member getting really sick when he was a kid, and his never having dealt with it, and it became a song about saying to that person – hey, I want to mourn and be sad, but I feel that way because I love you and you’re amazing and I want to celebrate that.  And without meaning to that became a theme for the album – getting stronger through living, and being thankful for the people around you that you love.  (Dark Rip’s got a music video now too!  We shot at Pete the keytarist’s house.)

2.  Riverstomp

This is a new recording of one of the first songs we played together, back in 2010.  It actually got it’s start in Morg and Berger’s last band, the Hey!, the year before that even.  Last year we had the awesome opportunity to record at Converse Rubber Tracks, and we brought in two new songs (that are on HYPER TROPHY) plus Riverstomp, and another oldie of ours, Fever.  We came back to Riverstomp because we never really stopped playing it, and it’s evolved a lot over the last 5 years.  It’s one of our favorite tracks to play live, and this recording is particularly fun – the end of a long day, done with all the hard work and new stuff and just hanging out together.  It and Fever are the b-sides for the Dark Rip single.

3.  Lions

Special sneak peek leak from the record!  This is track #2 from HYPER TROPHY but SHH don’t tell anyone.  Our last release was called We Run With Gangs, and it was a mini-LP of tracks written as thank yous to all the people that had helped us make the first record, and as a salute to the people who we play with and see at shows again and again.  Lions is a continuation of that reminder to ourselves that, above all else, these friendships are The Point of it all.  In the end, your memories are all that you own, so find your kind and make the best memories.

4.  Summer Skin

Summer Skin is the lead single from our first record, Modern Dances.  It’s been the most consistent song in our set over the last 3 years because we have so much fun playing it out.  There’s a music video for this song too, and it was shot the summer we started touring with Dan, so he’s in it – which is awesome because he’s our full time drummer now, and it’s great to look back and see exactly how we all clicked on that tour.  We recorded Modern Dances over the course of that summer and we spent a looot of time together out late, recording, drinking, playing video games.  Even though we’d been a band for over a year before that, it was that summer that laid the foundation for why we still play together, and this song in particular is a reminder of that.