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Minneapolis’ Solid Gold has been described as “Doves meets La Roux and the Abandoned Pools in a deserted Paris arcade on a trans-Atlantic vision quest” which, considering the demographic and music tastes of the BYT readership is as high of a recommendation as any band could get.
Sounding decidedly more European and sophisticated than you want to give them a right to, they (and their slinky beats on top of ambient synths) are making a stop in DC tonight on their “Synchronize” EP promo tour and they took a second in between cars and hotels to send us a little sampling of what to expect at DC9 tonight.
Good times (almost) guaranteed.
Get into it:

Armoured Cars-
insightful beginnings into the onslaught of confusion. Hopefully Clinic the band would be happy.

One in a Million-
A bit of epic pop. Covering the bases. May not visit again.

A dreamscape of bewilderment. In and out. In and out.The partially hidden treasure chest on the stormy island.

Want more:
Follow Solid Gold on myspace/facebook/twitter and check them out live tonight @ DC9 (with CLASS ACTRESS, whom Cale LOVES)