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Tonight, there is a wonderful singer-songwriter-dash-of-americana evening at the Cat featuring our perennial favorites Vandaveer and Laura Burhenn (of Georgie James, doing one of her rare solo appearances). And while these two need no introduction to anyone who reads BYT with any regularity, Sean Walsh who is rounding out the bill may.
So, we sat down with Brooklyn boy who got invited to a DC party and had him play “meet and greet on some of his ornate folk-rock. Enjoy.

“everyone I meet” – This is a rough mix of the first song cut for the new record, it was recorded at the lovely Buddy Project Studios in Queens, NY. It features me on everything but Clarinet, which Mario was generous enough to grace the recording with. it was recorded in 12 hours of flu driven madness. This song was written sometime over the course of the summer of 07, after splitting with most of the old members of the national reserve and a bad situation with our old label.

“record’s spin” – This is an older demo for “homesick” It was written in October of 2005 behind the counter of Loria music in Garwood NJ Before I moved to NY and met the band that I now play with. it was recording in a week long demo session we did in our apartment this past may/june, it features, Me on guitars and vocals, Mario on Rhodes, Brandy on vibes, Ryan on drums, Patrick on the lead guitar, dayyan on bass, and bob hoffnar on pedal steel.

“goodnight” – this song was recorded in dec of 07, it was written and recorded all in about one week, the lyrics in philadelphia and the music in brooklyn. the recording features me on drums, guitar, bass, and vocals, and mario on piano, wurlitzer, and horns.