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Savoir Adore have been earning their DC cred for a while now.  The Brooklyn duo bring something entirely unique and exciting to the table with their addictive, lush slant on pop, a blend of indie influences and infectious dance beats, drawing comparisons to such great artists as Phoenix, Jens Lekman and Bishop Allen. The duo plays Uhall tonight along with The Knocks, and St. Lucia as part of an All Things Go collaborated showcase with Neon Gold Records on it’s way to SXSW.  Be sure to check them out! Tickets are still available here.
  • “Scientific Findings” video: “The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau” music video was shot in a beautiful area of Vermont, by the super talented Adam Newport-Berra.  It was amazing to be nomadic wanderers for a weekend.

  • Dreamers” (Golden Pony Remix): “Dreamers (The Golden Pony remix)” really takes the song out for a night on the town.  The slow-burn lullaby is completely transformed into a dance dream.

Savoiradore Dreamers(TheGoldenPonyRemix) by shauna-b-alexander

  • “Sea of Gold” Single: “Sea of Gold” started out as a piecemeal instrumental demo, but as soon as we decided on the character of the song, it practically wrote itself.  We are very excited for both bookends of the record (the opener “Dreamers” and the closer “Sea of Gold”) to be out in the world, and to get people excited for the journey that happens between them.

Savoiradore SeaofGold by shauna-b-alexander