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Savoir Adore have been earning their DC cred for a while now.  The Brooklyn duo bring something entirely unique and exciting to the table with their addictively lush slant on pop, a blend of indie influences and infectious dance beats, drawing comparisons to such great artists as Phoenix, Jens Lekman and Bishop Allen.

They will be stopping by DC twice this month so we figured we may as well get you a little bit prepared for what’s to come. Below, a song AND a remix, in their own words and for your listening enjoyment:

“‘Dreamers’ is the first track on our new record that we are currently mixing.  It was written and recorded in a unique way – spanning 2 years, with the sections developing gradually and organically.  The first part to emerge was the opening synth line and it immediately felt special to us, so we gave it time and space and really let it grow into a full journey of a song.  Other sections were written and recorded, different structures experimented with, live performances tested it out.  When the lyrics came around, it ended up serving as a perfect introduction to the dream-like nature of the whole record.  ‘Dreamers’ is an exciting progression from our last album, but still rooted in the same experimental creative process.”

– Deidre Muro, Savoir Adore

“I’ve always dreamed of making an album designed to help people on drugs at nightclubs having bad trips. The music would be sonically engineered to uplift the spirit and soul out of the terrifying drudgery of a bad trip.

The ‘Dreamer’s’ remix was a perfect opportunity to take a crack at it: strong synths, sonically pleasing bleep-bloops, warm sub bass and beautiful vocals courtesy of Deidre and Paul. The remix was made for large festival soundsystems, and the goal was to create this shared, transcendent experience, while still retaining the elements of hip hop, dancehall, and funky electronics that are part of my productions as Xaphoon Jones. Definitely one of my favorite musical projects I’ve ever been involved in.”

– Xaphoon Jones