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Add AudioRocky Votolato’s 2006 album Makers has been described as “as perfect an album as you can get” by Preforming Songwriter. His 2012 album Television of Saints certainly measures up you can hear a preview right here before he plays at the Red Palace on Friday the 25th. We had Rocky take a moment and say a few words about some some songs on his album .

Little Spring: I co-wrote this song with Matt Pond PA.  It’s a song about a young couple with kids who are struggling to keep things together… I think it’s really my story and one of the most autobiographical songs I’ve ever worked on.  It’s also the only studio recording I’ve ever made while on tour – I tracked it with Louie Lino at Resonate in Austin TX on an off day.

Ghost Writer: I think I wrote this song as a message to myself.  It’s about letting life happen and not trying so hard to control it or take it too seriously….a few things I’ve never been very good at.

Fool’s Gold:This is the first song I wrote for Television of Saints.  It’s about trying to see through illusions and deal with the fact that nothing turns out to be what it seems in this life.  I’m very happy with the electric guitar parts my brother Cody came up with for it  and I’m also very grateful to Michael Learner from Telekinesis for recording the drums and percussion on this one.