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Having recently celebrated the UK release of their debut album Fossils and Other Phantoms in April, Peggy Sue is taking the leap over the pond to promote their album which dropped today (June 1) in the States. Spending the majority of the summer on the road, Peggy Sue will be playing Tuesday, June 8 at the DC9. Previous tour-mates include Kate Nash, Mumford and Sons, and a handful of other UK-based indie bands.


Katy: The most part of the album was recorded in Brooklyn, New York in spring of last year. We had been writing and practising in various living rooms for the best part of six months without really knowing how or where we would be recording an album. Some of the songs, for us, are completely about the lyrics or the guitar part or the room they were written in but Long Division Blues is very much about the recording. I remember playing the guitar along with Olly’s drums really loud, with enormous headphones on in this beautiful studio that overlooked the Manhattan skyline and really feeling like we were making an album for the first time.


Rosa: This was the last song we finished before we left for New York, and the first song we recorded when we arrived. I remember finishing it and feeling like it had completed the list of possible songs for the album, which we’d written, scribbled out and re-written a hundred times. Of course we ended up writing more in New York, but it felt like such a relief. I think this is the hardest song to explain because in many ways it’s so simple. It’s about time moving; It’s about a desire to reject, and it’s about believing in nothing apart from the body you exist in.


Katy: I read it in the paper was written in January last year. I found myself surrounded by this enormous historical event that was being reported all over the media and I was aware of feeling frustrated by everything being exactly the same in my life. It reminded me of when the clocks go back and it feels like there should have been this monumental shift but its just that some numbers are different. The song is about that but its also just a straight forward break up song.

Katy: This was one of three songs written whilst we were in the studio in Brooklyn and recorded a few months later when we returned to London. The beginning part of the writing process is always quite an insular thing for us. You find yourself an empty room and then that’s all you can do until its written. We were recording and living in quite small spaces so it was quite intense and writing new songs was in some ways an excuse for some private time. Lyrically, it’s about how there is always a boy who is looking at a girl who is looking at a different boy. Sometimes we play it and I’m the person looking and sometimes I’m the person being looked upon.


Want more: Follow Peggy Sue on facebook/myspace etc and make sure to catch them live tomorrow @ DC9 with Jeff the Brotherhood and Quintron and Miss PussyCat