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Allie Alvarado (of Telepathe and Blood Lines) ditched the band and ditched Brooklyn to collaborate with producer Alvin Risk on her solo project Painted Face– that happens to perform tonight with Darwin Deez @ Black Cat. Let’s do a little previewing of Painted Face’s music, from the comfort of Allie Alvarado’s brain.

Undreamt by Painted Face

I love Kate Bush’s album The Dreaming and the title ‘Undreamt’ is a tribute to her. I was going for the same mystical, magical glory. It has this Rocky Balboa on the steps moment in the choruses. It’s really 80s, but that’s sort of balanced out by the words and verses which are more mysterious, and I hope, lyrical.This is the title track from my new EP Undreamt. DOWNLOAD IT! (soundcloud.com/paintedface/undreamt).

Girls in Love by Painted Face

I was reading some letters from a close friend and she was asking about the girl in love i.e. me. Love is a very delicate thing and every misstep can feel like falling down a reverb-y well. For a long time it was just an instrumental and had this kind of sweet, soft quality. The backing vocals in the chorus is a choir of girls in love. It’s my first love song!

Sum of Me by Painted Face

If you’ve seen Ciao, Manhattan you’ll understand the vibe of this song. It’s inspired by Edie Sedgwick. She balanced a life of glamor with a life personal tragedy until they both got the best of her. There is a really prominent organ sample throughout the song. I tried to tame it/replace it a bunch of times, but ultimately I think it gives the song more character as is. I always intended this as a song for the dance floor, and I hope to see some cool remixes come about in the future.

Favorite One by Painted Face

This song’s about trying to let go of something or someone you really want, but can’t.  It’s as much about me as it is  about anybody else. If you find that your path to desire is a one way street, this song is your guide.