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I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Niki and The Dove were until our (supertalentedevilgenius) graphic designer, Erik Loften, played me some of their tracks the other day.  Needless to say all of us at BYT are super obsessed with these Swedes.  A double-headed act, they make the kind of leftfield, intelligent pop music that has see them breakthrough in 2012.  Lucky for you, because they’re going to be at U Street Music Hall tonight (with Gordon Voidwell & Lightwaves too) as part of an All Things Go showcase.  Wicked!

Don’t sleep on it.  Seriously.

The Fox by Niki & The Dove

The Fox
We got ispired by a swedish author that told about her way of curing insomnia. She visualized herself walking through a field towards a tree where a fox would lay. When she reached the fox she whispered all her problems in the fox’s ear and then the fox would dig a hole and put her problems in the hole. Then she could go to sleep. We used that story to create a song about breaking free from others expectations on yourself- good or bad. In the beginning you can hear one of our favourite samples on the record – a keychain dropped to the floor.

DJ Ease My Mind by Niki & The Dove

Dj Ease My Mind

This song was the start of niki & the dove, in a way. It’s a song that celebrates those moments on the dance floor when the dj plays “the” song that makes your blood rush and all the memories connected to that song comes back to you. It’s wonderful and it’s bitter and it’s euphoric and melancholic and you cherish every second of it.
The Drummer by Niki & The Dove

The Drummer
The riff was written outside Sthlm, out on the countryside. The lyrics was written in the car to and fro Stockholm. It dwells upon what happens to you when you move from one place to another and once you did that, how you never really can return as the same person you once was. It’s about rootlessness.