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Words by Phelps

I’m not going to do much more justice to Monotonix than Peter: “while playing the tightest set of MC5ish brutal psychobilly I have heard since Pussy Galore split up,”  and I can only imagine their hijinks ensuing in a smallish venue rife with pitchers of beer, paddles, balls, and pizza.  We asked the band to describe a few songs from their latest album, Not Yet, to prepare you for a jarring, scarring, and ridiculous time tonight at Comet.

it is a very simple and basic song with a dramatic name.
when we recorded the song we had the feeling that its not
a good take. but when i listen to it now its one of my favorite
songs in the album.

the longest song in the album.
very straight ahead drum bit at the verse
that collapse into a heavy grunge chorus.
the most British song that 3 Israelis can write.
my recommendation is to listen to the song late at the night
in a very quiet atmosphere then you will hear the very low notes
of the piano that are hiding behind the gravy guitar sound.

this song  put the most basic human attribute (wanting more)
into a relationship situation.
the thing is if you put this character in a balance, the sky is the limit
but if not it will take you all the way down.