Listening Party: Moneybrother
[email protected] | Sep 10, 2010 | 10:00AM |

Grammy award winning artist Moneybrother is coming to DC9 this Sunday, and even though it is only a Swedish Grammy, it’s still a big deal. Having toured with the likes of the Love Language, Against Me!, Franz Nicolay, and Rhett Miller, the ‘pub-soul’ crooner takes the leap into the US music industry with his newest album Real Control. With gold and platinum records already under his belt, prospects are looking good for Anders Wendin Moneybrother.

Here are some tracks to let you be the judge:

Born Under A Bad Sign
Moneybrother: This was the first single off of Real Control over in Europe. It was produced by my friend Bjorn Yttling (known over here for his work with Lykke Li and Peter Bjorn And John). I had this chorus that I liked and I asked him if he needed one for somebody. I thought it could be a nice way of getting some extra dough. He told me to do it myself.

Here Comes The Vain
MB: Probably my favorite off the album. A fun song to play live.

MB: I wanted to use the string section I did a tour with in Scandinavia a while ago, so I wrote this song to be able to give them a job. I kind of like the theme of the song – having to kiss your best friends girl cause the night is just too perfect.

Down At The R
MB: A song about my favourite place in Stockholm. I guess we all have a place like that. Where it doesn’t matter if you show up alone, you still meet friends as soon as you step in the door.

For more Moneybrother, check out his website–and be sure to download his album, available now.