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While Mi Ami ARE from San Francisco and ARE on Chicago’s Thrill Jockey, their show tonight @ Velvet Lounge is sort of a homecoming. You see, 2/3 of Mi Ami used to call DC home. Jacob Long and Daniel Martin-McCormick used to be in Black Eyes, a (Dischord) band that in the early 2000s toured extensively with Q and Not U and played the kind of shows that made you not be able to not go nuts during (or so I hear).

Fast forward to 2010 and now joined by Damon Palermo and with some seven releases under their belts, MI AMI is a band to go nuts over in it’s own right. Coming from that place where good old-fashioned (post) punk parties pretty hard with afrobeat and dub, they are fully and totally and completely committed to making the most organic, joyful noise-mayhe, you can imagine. The kind of noise that, hopefully, makes you feel 15 all over again when a visceral reaction to music was all that mattered and getting lost in the sea of (extreme) aural intensity was the only thing on your mind.

Remember how sad you sometimes feel that you just don’t react to music that way any more? I know.

Anyway, we know there are something like 85 good shows going on tonight (we’re actually writing about most of them too) but if a good and a little disturbing time is what you need, give Mi Ami a chance.

Here, Daniel walks you through some choice cuts from “Steal Your Face”, which came out just last week:

Latin Lover-
Are you bored with your life? Do you need some spice in your life? Some color? Are you always on the computer and not out there in the world? Are you passionate? Do you need an Other in your life? Is there another culture with more flavor than your own that you would like to take a part of? Are you a part of something? Are you a sexual tourist? Is sex an injection of color into your colorless body? Is being white being devoid of color? Drained of color or color never put in? Do you take what you need from Others? Is romance the sucking of someone else’s more colorful blood? Are your lovers commodities? Are you pale and drab or are you flush with excitement? What excites you? Are you bored with your life?

Native Americans (Born in the U.S.A.)-
Not about Native Americans a.k.a. Indians but rather about native Americans like us, 80s babies and the like. Living in America feels like such crap even though it can be a real life of luxury, too. Like we’re just being sucked into a huge vortex where everything is collapsing all the time and it’s all our fault, no one’s in particular just everybody all at once.

This song didn’t always boogie quite so much, but now it’s got a little shuffle and I’m glad. Phaser was one of my first pedals and it’s still a favorite, cuz it sounds so (i know, i know) tropical to me. Or something. Not tropical exactly, but… I like hiss and swoop and phaser has that, so this song has a lot of phaser on it. Not much on the rest of the record, but plenty here. But I think the next thing for me is more flanger. Flanger drips and these days I need a little more melt and drip in my life. I don’t just want it to sound like an environment, but to also drip on you and get stuck in your hair and shit.

Want more:

Socialize with MI AMI here , get “Steal your face” which is out now on Thrill Jockey, and make sure to check them out tonight (alongside Future Times DJs) @ Velvet Lounge