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Chicago-based Mass Shivers is Brett Sova (guitar, vocals), Andy Johnson (bass, vocals) and Sean Wilke (drums). Their dynamic sound has been described as 70’s rock, which you can check out right here. The band has shared two tracks with us for your listening pleasure! And if you like what you hear, be sure to check them out in the flesh July 24th @ DCMiniGallery.

Torrid Sex In East Berlin:

Ever notice how people tend to like people like themselves? And once these like-minded folks find each other, and a group or community is established, their non-specific interests are codified and appropriated as law by dozens of hundreds of directionless rubber-necking clowns without a clue of their own? It happens everywhere you look. Ask yourself, “am I taking part, too? Is that a pillow wedged between my knees?”

Sex in East Berlin, death in Berlin… Don’t mind the refrain. It’s the anthem of the Other. You’re in the forbidden zone and we’ve put the wall back up, for you. It’s the A-side to our new single. Watch for more songs like it on a brand new full length coming up soon.  Recorded at Shape Shoppe in Chicago and available now from your local store or from http://massshivers.com on gold vinyl.

Tickled On Poppers:

Just like the kids say, if you’re going to be tickled, it’s better to be tickled while on poppers. A jam we’ve kicked around for a while, “Tickled On Poppers” is an improvisational song based on the non-formulaic repetition of several parts that, when played together, make up something similar to a hardcore-raga-drone piece that’ll help you drive off that cliff or through that brick wall, whichever tempts you more. And with feeling– with one hand down your pants while the other waves a roman candle emphatically around the cosmos. This B-side to the new single on Licking River Records is an exclusive track, never to be seen or heard anywhere, other than on the 300 7”s in circulation or live at our next show, at Kansas House, on Thursday, July 23.


Can’t get enough Mass Shivers? Check out their myspace and their official website. And don’t forget to check them out July 24th @ DC Mini Gallery. Seriously.