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Loney, Dear online come from Sweden, and you can sort of tell (being all adorable and economical and fragile). A little more twee then Cardigans, sort of fuzzed out and vaguely “I’m from Barcelona” like, they are a hodgepodge of good, happy music about sad things and general multi-instrumental messiness of its mastermind and “audio homecooking” expert Emil Svanängen. (that is him staring you into the camera up there). I am not going to attempt to describe it any more, but, just say, you’ll probably like it.

Their new album “Dear John” just cruised out this week to much critical praise by people who know what they’re talking about (“He wraps the ups and downs of a whirlwind romance into tiny packages. You’re left hungry, fully certain that 34 minutes– let alone five– will never be enough of this very, very good thing.”–Pitchfork) and as of last night they are on tour all over with Andrew Bird (the Tuesday show at 930 club is sold out, if you have tickets, consider yourself VERY LUCKY).

We asked Emil to walk us through some of his favorite songs from “Dear John” and he kindly obliged. Welcome to your weekend:

I Am John (Album) – Loney, Dear

VIOLENT. This is the magic song on the album for me right now. I feel strong about the lyrics and love the drive of the second verse. It was the very last song i finished for the album. It feels like a gift (at least right now when its still so new) to get the chance to play it. I feel strong about the lyrics, the clash between the love and the violent emotions.  “I never knew no one like you. I was your treasure, and you gave me names. And I was like one of yours. I was just like one of yours.You came to know me, and all my dirty sides. And I was like one of yours. I was just like one of yours. 

HARSH WORDS. Another favourite of mine. It was probably intended to be an Elvis song. Got a record from my sisters family with live Elvis some years ago. Of course it didnt happen. The bass is the key to the song. And; “I fell into a river, wider than I had seen. And deep, it brought me here”. Its probably alot about some really difficult years some time ago.

SUMMERS. A song i kept working on for such a long time. Also here the bass line is the key to the song. I wanted to capture the strange/strong emotions that can strike you on summers nights. Watch out for the FM-radio harmonica!

UNDER A SILENT SEA. Another favourite. I have been playing it for such a long time, but so nice to finally have it out. I just love the german or baltic (or whatever) part in the middle. Tough love! Another song about my love/fear relation to water.  Im not really afraid of it in that way, more interested in why i am so attracted to it. 

Bonus: Airport Surroundings vide:

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