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In prep for their show tonight at the Black Cat (which also doubles as the Lightfoot EP Release party and a fond farewell to Loose Lips), Jessica Louise Dye (little miss Lightfoot herself) sent us over some tracks and incite behind them.  Take a look and a listen!

Lightfoot – Scarlet Sails by shauna-b-alexander

Pow Wow
This song is one of two songs my band mate Erik and I wrote on Easter morning sitting on the front porch.  Erik came up with the RnB riff to add to the sad folk vocals I had and the rest of the song just fell into place.  I think my favorite thing about this track is the drums, I love how strong the tom sound is.  The drums and the trumpet lines make it feels like a funeral march.

City Girls

This tune is more of a playful apology, if anything.  It’s also the most difficult song on the EP to sing, it really challenges my range.  And as far as the hidden meaning, the boy who inspired this song was a casualty of my selfish heart’s conquests, and  I’ll leave it at that.

As You Can

This is the most rocking tune on the EP, but probably has one of the darkest themes lyrically.  It was composed around the idea of learned helplessness; how easy it is to let others push you down so low, that you feel utterly helpless to change your situation.


This jam was inspired by falling in love in Richmond.  Even though that love is gone, I like to think this song pays homage to a really nice period of my life.  There’s always good memories to every relationship and “1963” starts where they begin and ends before they fade away.

We even revisited Richmond to make our music video.  I really want to showcase some of the places I use to love to spend my afternoons.

Caged Bird

This almost didn’t make the EP just because emotionally, I am done with this song.  As therapeutic as this song may be it’s really painful to sing.  This is the only song on the EP we live tracked from start to finish.  Our friend Tom from These United States is sitting in on lap steel and it really makes this song more heartfelt.


This is the second of two songs written on Easter Sunday and the last track on the EP.  It’s a reminder that even the worst times of your life will pass if you fight to get beyond them.  I think the climatic build in this song captures that mantra and it ends with what I joke sounds like a teen angst anthem, but it applies to everyone.  It’s so easy to doubt yourself and to fall into a pit of self deprecation.   You just have to decide to seek help, it’s up to you to choose to get better.


Black Cat Main Stage
with- Loose Lips (last show), Ugly Purple Sweater, and Paperhaus
$10      tix here

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