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Kisses will be playing a show tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge AND another one on Saturday in DC at the Living Social House to support recently-released Kids in LA. First, you should grab tickets, and second, you should hang out with us for this little listening party that Jesse set up for us; it’s got a track by Kisses, plus a few others to mix things up. HERE WE GO:

Picture 142

Photo by Amanda Segur

The Roches – Bug Nuthin

This is some exclusive news for you guys! We are working on a cover of this song that hopefully will see the light of day by the end of the year. Zinzi introduced me to The Roches and their fun-loving, energetic sister ways. The melodies and harmonies are so unique in this song and it has such a great energy as well as video we could only dream of making. This is also the song we have been walking on stage to this year.

Kisses – Huddle

This is our favorite song on our new LP and my personal favorite of all of our videos. I think it captures what we were trying to do with Kids in LA and fits quite well between the music videos of both The Roches and Neil Young. Henry, the child actor in the video, definitely stole our hearts as well as the entire video. We hope to do a sequel with him some day when he is old!

Neil Young – Harvest Moon

This is such a beautiful tune but I did not totally fall in love with it until I saw the video. Any chance to watch Neil Young slow dance should not be missed and the David Lynch, Pacific Northwest vibes in this video are fantastic and romantic.

How are your ears feeling now? Pretty good? Well, they will feel EVEN BETTER at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night, and/or at the Living Social House. In the meantime, grab Kids in LA, and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.