LISTENING PARTY: Josiah (Sirius XMU) and Gavin Holland (Nouveau Riche)
Sepie | Jan 10, 2013 | 2:30PM |

Join DJ Josiah (of Sirius XMU) and Gavin Holland (Nouveau Riche) as they take over Black Cat Backstage this Friday (1/11) for another installment of Catalyst. Here’s a sneak peak of what these gent’s will have in store for you.

Tracks tastefully hand-picked by DJ Josiah:

Lukid — Bless My Heart
My listening of choice through endless airport connections last week.  Kind of surreal on moving walkways, watching endless people being routed across the country.  It’s the fourth release from Lukid, aka Luke Blair.  RIYL Actress, who is not coincidentally his label’s manager.  Apparently this opening track originated from a bag of funky tapes he found out on the streets in London, which is sort of too perfect a story.  Interesting interview here.
Parquet Courts – Master Of My Craft
This is what it sounds like to move from Texas to NYC (which most of the band did).  It also sounds like one of most overlooked acts of 2012.  Catchy post-punk that rides somewhere between Wire, The Strokes and Black Lips.
Slidecamp – Geometer
Was happy to see this surface locally over on Newdust last week.  I’ll take the bait and re-post.  One of those tracks that sounds like a biology experiment gone horribly right.  Well-fertilized and brimming with life.  Slidecamp is Justin Boreta, 1/3rd of LA’s The Glitch Mob.
Gavin Holland’s at bat:

Misun – Coffee (Gavin Holland Remix)

Had a chance to remix this great tune from Misun, which is composed of my Nacey (my partner in crime at Nouveau Riche), William DeVon, and of course, Misun herself.  All I did was strip it down and make it creepier, but I think that did the trick.  If you ever get a chance to catch Misun live, they’re amazing — and they’ve started playing this version out live!

Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)

Just when I thought I’d heard enough trap this year, RL Grime came along and completely reinvigorated a classic.  Known to cause 2AM dancefloor panic.

Jai Paul – Jasmine (Demo)

Read your “Best of 2012” lists kids.  As many of them as possible.  I somehow missed this one earlier this year, but it’s been on repeat for me since I heard it.


Here are the particulars about the event:
DJ set w/ Josiah (Sirius XMU) and Gavin Holland (Nouveau Riche)
Friday 1/11
Black Cat, Backstage
Doors @ 10pm
Free admission

See all of you lovelies there!