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So many of my days and evenings have been spent listening to Sirius XMU that it has become the soundtrack to my life in many ways. From the scrappy local startup, to the national indie juggernaut that it is now, one of my favorite aspects over the years has been the DJs who have quickly turned into my imagined friends on the other end of the radio – sharing with me their musical selections and quirky asides; never staying too long, but giving me just enough of their personalities to bond us together.

The voice I look forward to the most is the one that still resides here in DC, the one and only single-named Josiah. (Like Cher, or Madonna, or Pink, only wearing a tad more clothes.) When I heard that he was going to be spinning a set (he brings loads of vinyl with him, and takes care to leave the records out in front of him if anyone wants to investigate what he has just played) in my favorite room in town, the Black Cat backstage, I knew I couldn’t miss it! The maiden voyage was an absolute blast, and now it looks to be a more permanent thing, as he returns this Friday as part of the Catalyst nights.

Now, I could spend hours quizzing him about how many shows he has been to where his view was blocked by a guy in a giant duck costume (I know of at least one, since we stood next to one another at the AC Newman gig) or I could give you a taste of what to expect when he takes to the decks. Much to the duck guy’s disappointment, I went with a sampler of some of the things he has been digging, and his thoughts on said jams. Here goes!

Daphni “Light”

“Did you catch Caribou opening for Radiohead at the Verizon Center earlier this year?  If the nearly 12-minute version of “Sun” didn’t fully convince you… Dan Snaith knows how to carve out a dance track. He’s flirted with it for years on Caribou albums, but has now gone all-in under his new Daphni moniker. All the experimental swirliness you’d expect from Dan — but now shamelessly following his 808 muse.”

Matthew Dear “Earthforms”

“Incredibly bleak and imminently danceable – few can keep these two in orbit together as well as Matthew Dear. More of these dark, dizzying gems than ever before are all over his latest record, “Beams.” On this track, he takes a momentary detour from the thick beats to kick up some dust with a good ol’ drum set and rolling bass riff.”

Django Django “Default”

“Scottish band + very effective hooks (and BYT ghost story faves.) Some of the best elements of Franz and Hot Chip reside in here and a debut album from a band to watch.”

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Live It Up”

“If you survived this far into Ariel’s latest, pat yourself on the back. Album’s a total trip (in all the best ways). Brains will probably melt out your ears after the first two tracks alone. It’s a sprawling romp through AP’s subconscious. This is one of the unexpected bright, confectionary, oasis moments on the album. “Mature Themes” is a frontrunner for my AOTY!”

Josiah adds that he “will be bringing lots of new vinyl with me. You know I can’t resist.” Say no more, my man. Combined with my favorite club in town, cats and kittens looking for a fun night need look no further.

Catch DJ Josiah (Sirius XMU) this Friday, Nov 9th, at the Black Cat as part of the new “Catalyst” series. $5 backstage, doors at 10:00pm.