Sepie | Dec 6, 2012 | 11:05AM |

DJ Josiah (of Sirius XMU) returns Friday to the Black Cat Backstage for another installment of Catalyst. Here’s a taste of what he’ll be spinning on the 1s and 2s.

Black Moth Super Rainbow – We Burn

In full disclosure, I should say… I backed this album on Kickstarter.  I feel like I own a little piece of it.  I’m roughly a 0.02% shareholder of this album.  So I have a natural bias when I say that Cobra Juicy is BMSR’s best yet.  Admittedly, it can be said that when you’ve heard a BMSR track, you’ve heard most BMSR tracks.  Can spot ’em a mile away.  But this one stands out from the rest.

Micachu & The Shapes – Easy

It’s the #1 never-knew-this-even-came-out album of the year.  Seriously — there was zero noise when this came out in July.  Still doesn’t even have… a Wikipedia entry.  Surprising, because Micachu’s 2009 release Jewellery turned a lot of heads, and was an easy favorite for us on the Sirius XMU airwaves.  Like Jewellery, the new album Never sounds like it was recorded in a hot second.  Totally off the cuff, banging-on-random-shit-with-friends sort of vibe.  Her beloved vacuum also makes a comeback.  Great opening track here, even if the video is sort of bananas.

Crystal Castles – Insulin

Yeah, they craft some pretty great singles, and Alice puts on a pretty raucous live show — but Crystal Castles are at their best when they go off the deep end.  Would totally play this on-air if it wouldn’t cause listeners to bang on their radio, trying to fix the static “problem”.  I could totally go for an entire album of Ethan following his muse into stuff like this.

School of Seven Bells – Secret Days

Hey, look!  It’s a post-album EP that’s not a mediocre collection of B-sides!  Between this one and the 13-minute title track, it’s actually some of SVIIB’s strongest material yet.

Bat For Lashes – Oh Yeah

Turns out that Natasha Khan has listened to a few Bjork records in her day.  This recalls some of the more lush moments from Vespertine.  Probably the most ornate, pretty couple of minutes on her latest.

Here are the particulars about the event:

Friday 12/7
10:00pm – 2:00am
Black Cat
Backstage (1st floor)
Free admission
1/2 price drinks before 11pm!

Need I say more? Josiah never disappoints so neither should you…see you fine folks there!