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Australia’s Hockey Dad (Zach Stephenson + Billy Fleming) are on their very first headlining North American tour, and they’re set to roll through DC tonight (8/29) with a show at DC9, and Brooklyn on 9/1 for a show at Rough Trade! Since we’re chomping at the bit REAL HARD to catch ’em live, we asked the guys to give us a little listening party for the purpose of tiding ourselves over ’til showtime. Ch-ch-ch-check that out below, grab tickets to the gigs, and grab a copy of their brand new LP Boronia, which is out RIGHT NOW on Kanine Records. HERE WE GO:

“Can’t Have Them” 

We recorded and released this song a while before the record. We thought it had a strong sound to kick the album off nicely. It’s about a girl being a little too far out of your reach because, let’s be honest, they’re just too good for you! You know what’s funny though. After I wrote this I ended up getting the girl.

“Jump the Gun”

“Jump the Gun” was an old demo we had from when we first started playing together. We were putting the album together and thought it would be nice to bring back and give it a fresh sound. This would have to be one of my favourite songs to play live at the moment.

“So Tired”

“So Tired” was written a little later than the rest of the record. It was finished only a week or so before heading into the studio. It was probably the most fun to record because it was so fresh and we still didn’t really know what to do with it.  “So Tired” talks about being away from your loved ones and being tired of travelling around. I think I wrote it after my second trip to America when I was missing my girlfriend pretty hard.

“I Need a Woman”

This is an old song off the EP that we thought would still fit really well within the album. It’s always fun to play because people still enjoy it as much as they did in the beginning. The lyrics are pretty self explanatory but it never seemed to work with the ladies in my experience. Oh well, maybe next time.