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EXITMUSIC are the very definition of “on the bring of ridiculous fame” band: a fabulously photogenic husband and a wife (you may have seen her in BOARDWALK EMPIRE actually), with cheekbones perfect enough to cut glass AND hearts and the kind of moody, dreamy music that works well for moments both sexy and deeply emotional. (I did just type that, so deal with it). They have no 1 but 2 shows in the upcoming 1 days in DC: first, opening for JOY FORMIDABLE @ 930 CLUB tonight and then with SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS @ Black Cat on April 5th. We took that as a sign that we should get to know them WAY better. So to prepare you for seeing them around town A LOT, here is a couple of their songs, in Aleksa’s own words:

I just want to preface this interview by saying how rare it is for us to write songs that are about one thing.  We don’t start with concepts, and don’t look for them while writing, but there are themes that are present in all these songs. Feelings that come through in all these songs… here is my best attempt at discussing them.

“The Sea”
We had some of the music in place already, and a visual came to mind. I remember seeing the still surface of the water , calm and placid, and felt that under the surface there was all this tension building, turmoil, and that it was about to rise up through the surface– an awakening of sorts… an insurrection.

“The Modern Age”
It almost feels like a film synopsis… I think we were both feeling like a couple out of time. Not in synch with a lot of what’s happening now. The song is told through images really, it suggests some one packing up and leaving but being tragically too late to really get away; the paradox of trying to outrun the modern world when it’s already everywhere.

“The Hours”
“This one was specifically about moving back to New York, leaving LA. For all of its faults it was our home for 6 years and we lived in this cloud that was only us and music, and it was beautiful. LA has such a tragedy to it… as if it knows it’s just a matter of time till it’s at the bottom of the ocean, forgotten, mythologized.”

WANT MORE: follow EXITMUSIC on facebook/twitter + catch them live opening for JOY FORMIDABLE @ 930 CLUB tonight AND School of Seven Bells @ Black Cat on April 5th